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Motion Control Driving innovation in motion control applications Technical paper 2024-05 PDF, 617 KB
Design + Construction The new VINcoPress Technology comes with unique capabilities Technical paper 2023-12 PDF, 505 KB
Motion Control Semiconductor Power Losses Reduction - Using Tandem Diodes Concepts for Motor Drives Applications Technical paper 2024-06 PDF, 457 KB
Motion Control Analysis of Tandem Diode Solutions for Power Modules in Motor Drive Applications Technical paper 2023-05 PDF, 1 MB
Solar + Power Supply Bringing Reliability to SiC Power Modules Technical paper 2023-10 PDF, 459 KB
Solar + Power Supply Hybrid ANPC Inverter With Synchronous Rectification Technical paper 2023-11 PDF, 652 KB
Motion Control Get More Out Of Your Heat Pump With Vincotech Technical paper 2023-05 PDF, 779 KB
Solar + Power Supply General operation of Advanced Neutral Boost PFC (ANPFC) Application note 2023-05 PDF, 2 MB
Motion Control 3-Phase PFC Topology Using Constant Power Control Technical paper 2022-10 PDF, 2 MB
Electronic + Simulation VINcoSIM - The Next Generation Power Module Simulation Environment from Vincotech Technical paper 2022-08 PDF, 647 KB
Thermal Management Chip temperature sensing methods for power modules Application note 2022-02 PDF, 871 KB
Solar + Power Supply The Advantages and Operation of Flying Capacitor Inverter Technical paper 2020-10 PDF, 1 MB
Design + Construction Current carrying capability of solder and Press-fit pins Application note 2021-06 PDF, 281 KB
Motion Control Motion Control Technology in the Industrial Sector - Power Modules for Industrial, Embedded drives, Heat Pumps & HVAC and Elevators Drives Technical paper 2021-06 PDF, 199 KB
Solar + Power Supply Getting to a Cleaner Future - Vincotech's power modules for 1500 V solar systems Technical paper 2021-05 PDF, 2 MB
Solar + Power Supply Flying Capacitor Topology for Ultra Efficient Inverter Applications Technical paper 2021-01 PDF, 393 KB
Thermal Management Handling of Power Modules with Phase-Change Material Application note 2020-11 PDF, 1 MB
Solar + Power Supply The Advantages and Operation of Flying-Capacitor Boosters Technical paper 2024-01 PDF, 789 KB
Design + Construction Power module datasheet explanation Technical paper 2020-07 PDF, 4 MB
Solar + Power Supply Power Source / Sink Inverters for high efficient EV Battery Charging and Solar Energy Generation on Three-Phase Utility Technical paper 2020-06 PDF, 603 KB
Design + Construction New flow S3 Mid-Power Package – the Smarter Way Technical paper 2020-05 PDF, 537 KB
Thermal Management Cool Solutions for Hot Applications - PIM with integrated PFC for heat pumps Technical paper 2020-05 PDF, 287 KB
Solar + Power Supply Flying Capacitor Booster for 1500 V String Inverter Technical paper 2020-05 PDF, 552 KB
Solar + Power Supply When Performance Matters – Integrated Capacitors Reduce Commutation Loop Inductance Technical paper 2020-01 PDF, 540 KB
Solar + Power Supply Benchmarking System Architectures and Topologies for DC-to-DC Converters for Off-Board Chargers Technical paper 2019-05 PDF, 732 KB
Motion Control More Choices - Greater Security / flow E and MiniSKiiP® with IGBT M7 Technical paper 2019-05 PDF, 426 KB
Motion Control Intelligent Power Modules - Cost Benchmark Technical paper 2019-05 PDF, 393 KB
Solar + Power Supply Making the Most of SiC MOSFETs’ Performance for Solar - split output avoids cross conduction Technical paper 2019-04 PDF, 431 KB
Solar + Power Supply The Challenges of Using SiC MOSFET-based Power Modules for Solar Inverters Technical paper 2018-06 PDF, 1 MB
Motion Control Power Modules in Low Power Drive Applications Technical paper 2018-11 PDF, 136 KB
Solar + Power Supply New Generation of Fast 650 V IGBT Technical paper 2018-10 PDF, 442 KB
Solar + Power Supply Making the most of three-level NPC topology - Optimizing the chipset for best performance Technical paper 2018-06 PDF, 495 KB
Solar + Power Supply Cost and Efficiency Benchmark of Three-Level Fast Charging Power Modules Technical paper 2018-05 PDF, 656 KB
Motion Control IGBT M7 Chip Technology utilized in the Mid Power Package VINco E3 Technical paper 2018-01 PDF, 874 KB
Motion Control Vincotech's new 1200 V Intelligent Power Module Technical paper 2018-01 PDF, 228 KB
Thermal Management Advantages of Pre-applied TIM for Power Modules Technical paper 2017-06 PDF, 364 KB
Solar + Power Supply Three Level Topologies for Single-Phase Solar Application Technical paper 2016-12 PDF, 487 KB
Motion Control Half-Bridge versus SixPACK for motor drives Technical paper 2017-01 PDF, 220 KB
Solar + Power Supply Stationary Chargers for EVs - When Cost and Performance Matters Technical paper 2017-01 PDF, 525 KB
Motion Control Motor drive applications - Benefits of variable frequency drives (VFD) Technical paper 2017-01 PDF, 235 KB
Electronic + Simulation flowTHERM -heat distribution simulation and visualisation Technical paper 2017-02 PDF, 891 KB
Solar + Power Supply VINcoNPC X12 with IGBT M7 for 1+ MW 1500V PV Central Inverters Technical paper 2017-05 PDF, 407 KB
Solar + Power Supply How off-board charger can benefit from the rapid implementation of new power semiconductor products Technical paper 2016-09 PDF, 537 KB
Design + Construction MiniSKiiP® with a Si3N4 AMB Substrate Technical paper 2016-05 PDF, 459 KB
Electronic + Simulation Benchmarking Highly Efficient, Three-level, Power Factor Correction Topologies Technical paper 2016-05 PDF, 274 KB
Solar + Power Supply Vincotech Power Modules Corner a Quarter of the World's Solar Market in 2015 Technical paper 2016-05 PDF, 267 KB
Motion Control Embedded Designs Drive Tomorrow’s Solutions for Industiral motion control Technical paper 2016-04 PDF, 224 KB
Solar + Power Supply Energy Storage Systems - Enabling Faster Response to Changing Energy Demands with Power Modules Technical paper 2015-10 PDF, 405 KB
Electronic + Simulation Vincotech ISE - the Integrated Simulation Environment Tool Technical paper 2015-09 PDF, 955 KB
Design + Construction The flow7PACK Power Module – A Flexible, Cost-effective Solution for Industrial Drives Technical paper 2015-08 PDF, 717 KB
Design + Construction Vincotech goes mini with the next smaller housing size of flow 0B Technical paper 2015-08 PDF, 195 KB
Motion Control Asymmetrical inductance supporting long cable at low power motor drive applications Technical paper 2015-07 PDF, 131 KB
Electronic + Simulation Applying Power Circulation Theory to More Accurately Measure Power Loss and Efficiency Technical paper 2015-05 PDF, 908 KB
Solar + Power Supply Increasing Efficiency in Booster Power Modules with SiC Components Technical paper 2014-12 PDF, 348 KB
Solar + Power Supply A New, Alternative Three-Level Topology for Highly Efficient, Single-Phase Solar Applications Technical paper 2014-08 PDF, 363 KB
Design + Construction Power Modules – From Up and Down to Up and Coming Technical paper 2014-07 PDF, 217 KB
Motion Control The Perfect Wave - Demand for active PFC circuits in electric drives is on the rise. Technical paper 2013-12 PDF, 676 KB
Solar + Power Supply Addressing the Next Generation Solar Inverter Designs increased Efficiency, Higher Switching Frequency, Higher Input Votages, Lower Cost Technical paper 2013-10 PDF, 669 KB
Electronic + Simulation SiC MOSFET-based Power Modules Utilizing Split Output Topology for Superior Dynamic Behavior Technical paper 2013-08 PDF, 191 KB
Solar + Power Supply Highly Efficient UPS Topologies with Regenerated Switching Losses Technical paper 2013-08 PDF, 465 KB
Solar + Power Supply Power Module Design for an Ultra Efficient Three-Level Utility Grid Solar Inverter Technical paper 2013-05 PDF, 455 KB
Solar + Power Supply Fast switching for welders of ever decreasing size and price Technical paper 2013-03 PDF, 231 KB
Solar + Power Supply Power Modules for Charger Applications Technical paper 2013-02 PDF, 155 KB
Electronic + Simulation Vincotech Power Modules Featuring a Split Output Technical paper 2012-11 PDF, 261 KB
Electronic + Simulation Asymmetrical Parasitic Inductance Utilized for Switching Loss Re-duction in Power Modules Technical paper 2012-10 PDF, 684 KB
Motion Control Decentralized Motor Drive Applications Raise New Requirements regarding the Drive System Technical paper 2012-05 PDF, 353 KB
Design + Construction The module without a baseplate: A reliable and cost-effective solution Technical paper 2012-03 PDF, 327 KB
Design + Construction flow90 – The power module of choice for 90-degree mounting Technical paper 2012-03 PDF, 122 KB
Design + Construction The Design Concepts behind Vincotech Power Modules Technical paper 2012-02 PDF, 624 KB
Electronic + Simulation New Power Semiconductor Module Combines MNPC Topology with SiC Switches Technical paper 2012-01 PDF, 303 KB
Design + Construction Mastering Power Modules - The advantages over discrete solutions Technical paper 2011-11 PDF, 232 KB
Motion Control Increasing the Efficiency of an IPM-based Drive Design Technical paper 2011-10 PDF, 103 KB
Electronic + Simulation Optimized Power Modules - The pursuit of industry best-in-class performance Technical paper 2011-09 PDF, 99 KB
Motion Control Scaling up energy efficiency with EC drives based on intelligent power modules Technical paper 2011-08 PDF, 402 KB
Design + Construction Specific Market Challenges and Trends Require Tailored Solutions Technical paper 2011-07 PDF, 78 KB
Motion Control Power modules for fast switching motor drive applications Technical paper 2011-07 PDF, 29 KB
Motion Control IPMs – a solution for compact motor drive applications? Technical paper 2011-05 PDF, 188 KB
Motion Control Increasing Motor Efficiency with Power Factor Control Technical paper 2011-04 PDF, 55 KB
Electronic + Simulation Paralleling of IGBTs and Diodes of one Power Module – pushes power capability! Technical paper 2010-09 PDF, 602 KB
Electronic + Simulation Power Module with Additional Low Inductive Current Path Technical paper 2010-03 PDF, 472 KB
Design + Construction Pressing home the advantages: the Press-Fit pin for solder-less assembly Technical paper 2011-09 PDF, 247 KB
Solar + Power Supply Design Concept for a Transformerless Solar Inverter Technical paper 2009-11 PDF, 111 KB
Solar + Power Supply Advantages of NPC Inverter Topologies with Power Modules Technical paper 2009-07 PDF, 92 KB
Solar + Power Supply Symmetrical Boost Concept for Solar Applications up to 1000V Technical paper 2009-01 PDF, 77 KB
Solar + Power Supply High Efficient Topologies for Next Generation Solar Inverter Technical paper 2008-12 PDF, 439 KB
Solar + Power Supply Innovative Topologies for High Efficient Solar Applications Technical paper 2008-07 PDF, 230 KB
Thermal Management Improved Thermal Interface for Direct Pressed Power Modules Technical paper 2007-09 PDF, 953 KB
Solar + Power Supply Advantages of SiC Schottky Diodes in Fast Switching Power Electronics Solutions Technical paper 2007-08 PDF, 92 KB
Electronic + Simulation FlowSIM – new innovative electrical and thermal simulation method for power modules in inverter applications Technical paper 2007-05 PDF, 209 KB
Electronic + Simulation Fast Switching Power Module Solutions for Applications with 1200V Component Rating Technical paper 2006-07 PDF, 560 KB
Motion Control Motor Integrated IPM-Solution for Servo Drive Applications Technical paper 2006-04 PDF, 210 KB
Thermal Management Influence of Thermal Cross Coupling at Power Modules Technical paper 2006-03 PDF, 318 KB
Design + Construction flow90PIM 1 - power module with 90° mounting angle Technical paper 2005-09 PDF, 254 KB
Electronic + Simulation New Power Module Structure for Efficiency Improvement in Fast Switching Power Applications Technical paper 2015-03 PDF, 1 MB
Electronic + Simulation Modules as an Instrument for Low Inductive System Designs Technical paper 2004-10 PDF, 195 KB
Motion Control Improved PCB-Layout with Flow Through Power Modules Technical paper 2004-10 PDF, 188 KB
Thermal Management Thermal interface material Videos
Motion Control IPM high integration Videos
Design + Construction Press-fit technology Videos
Design + Construction Power Modules in general Videos
Design + Construction Module beats discretes Videos
Design + Construction Clip-in process of flow 0 4-Clips Videos
Design + Construction Press-in process of a flow 1B Videos
Thermal Management Application of thermal grease Videos
Design + Construction Clip-in process of flow 0 2-Clips Videos
Electronic + Simulation Simulation software flowISE Videos
Solar + Power Supply 2nd Generation of PFC Solutions Technical paper 2004-10 PDF, 650 KB
Solar + Power Supply PFC Fundamentals 2 - Active PFC Principle Technical paper 2004-09 PDF, 275 KB
Solar + Power Supply Active PFC with Inrush Limitation and Short Circuit Protection Technical paper 2004-09 PDF, 309 KB
Solar + Power Supply PFC-Fundamentals 1 Technical paper 2004-05 PDF, 175 KB
Thermal Management Thermal Measurement with an Integrated NTC Thermistor Application note 2013-10 PDF, 584 KB
Thermal Management Thermal Resistance, Thermal Spreading and Temperature Measurement Application note 2013-09 PDF, 921 KB
Design + Construction Advantages of Vincotech's Power Modules with Press-fit Technology Application note 2014-10 PDF, 690 KB