Vincotech's Press-fit technology reduces PCB assembly time and effort considerably. Well established in the automotive industry, the Press-fit pin eliminates the need for soldering. This cuts process time and costs, and boosts production output capacity. With no need to solder modules, engineers enjoy great flexibility in design. The module can easily be mounted on top or bottom of the PCB at no extra cost and effort.


  • Eliminates costly additional soldering
  • Pins are in the same position as solder pins
  • High current carrying capability (30 A @ 80 °C)
  • Flexible mounting onto the power module DCB
  • Cuts production costs
  • Reliable cold-welding connection to PCB
  • No PCB hole damage to enable reuse
  • Thermo-mechanical push and pull force relief 


  • Approved rounded Press-fit area
  • Complies with DIN and IEC standards
  • Tapered pin head
  • Available for almost all housings