VincotechISE - The Integrated Simulation Environment

VincotechISE is an integrated simulation and selection environment for power modules. It contains updated versions of the legacy tools flowSIM, flowSOL and flowSEL.

All power loss and temperature calculations are based on real measurements taken of each module.
  • flowSOL is a simulation tool for solar power modules and similar applications. It features a parameter setup and function blocks tailored to this purpose and covers single-phase and three-phase power modules for transformer-less and transformer-based topologies.
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  • flowSIM calculates Vincotech power modules for industrial drive applications. Its GUI looks much like that of the flowSOL tool, but is geared towards industrial drives. This revamped user interface affords you in-depth insight into how parameter adjustments affect losses, temperatures and efficiency.

  • flowSEL is a power module selector designed to help you find the solution best suited to your industrial drive application. Entering all the key application parameters is an exercise in convenience with its interactive schematic.

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Please note: since the ISE software will update itself automatically, you won't have to come back here to check for updated versions.


Interactive instruction on how to use the VincotechISE simulation environment

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