Protection of thermal interface material

ProCap 0 and ProCap 1

During transport of - mainly semi-assembled - modules, the thermal paste could be smudged, scratched or even contaminated by swirled particles /dust. In a wave soldering oven the paste could be contaminated with particles or smeared by the curtain at the oven exit. To protect the thermal interface material from all this during and after PCB assembly, these ProCaps (protection caps) have been developed.

The ProCaps (short for Protecting Cap) are available for flow 0 and flow 1 type power modules with thermal interface materials (TIM). It can be used for both, thermal grease and phase-change material.

ProCap Ordering codes:

ProCap for flow 0 modules - FLOW0-PROCAP-1-L
ProCap for flow 1 modules - FLOW1-PROCAP-1-L

ProCap Handling Instruction:

ProCap - Datasheet + Handling instruction