Brake Resistor Q992 

There is a new standard brake resistor resistor Q992 in thick film on ceramic technology. It is used as a component that can handle high energy pulse. Engineered for mounting on a heat sink with pre-applied thermal interface material (“Phase Change Material”), the Q992 provides an economic and easy assembly with excellent performance. This resistor is designed for applications with high energy pulses.


Product Features 

  • R = 400 Ω
  • 2.8 mm Faston terminals
  • Preapplied thermal interface material
  • High reliable thickfilm technology

Typical Applications

  • Motor drive
  • SMPS
  • Welding
  • Application with high pulse energy

Features of the Vincotech TF technology

  • Individual resistor values with accurate laser trimming (also active trimming)
  • Relative trimming and functional trimming
  • Low inductive resistors
  • High-voltage, companion dissipation and pulse companion capabilities
  • Ultra low temperature coefficient
  • High-density multi-layer available
  • Best reliability