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Slash your system's costs and shrink its footprint with the new, deeply integrated 600 V IPM - flowIPM 1B CIP.

Our new flowIPM 1B CIP 600 V features the powerful combination of a high-speed F5 IGBT with the switching performance of a MOSFET and a
silicon carbide boost diode in the PFC circuit optimized for frequencies up to 150 kHz. This pairing not only delivers impressive performance, it also drives down the cost of external passive components. And the current rating of this new CIP (converter + inverter + power factor correction) topology in an integrated power module is no less impressive: 10 A @ 80° C heat sink temperature. With this feature set, the deeply integrated flowIPM 1B CIP 600 V module offers everything manufacturers need to slash their overall system's size, cost, and time to market

Main Features:

  • Deeply integrated, highly reliable
  • Up to 150 kHz PFC switching frequency
  • Reduces size, cost and time to market
  • Simplifies motor drive assembly
  • Emitter shunts for vastly improved motor control
  • 10 A @ 80°C or 20 A @ 25°C

Part-No.  Voltage in V Current in A Technology Comment
20-1B06IPB010RC02-L815A49 600 10 RC IGBT Integrated PFC controller + SiC Boost Diode

Samples of the new flowIPM 1B CIP 600 V may be sourced on demand from our usual channels.

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