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Above and beyond with flowPIM S3 and flowPACK S3 families

Take your designs to the next level with flowPIM S3 & flowPACK S3!

Vincotech’s new flowPIM S3 and flowPACK S3 families take performance and power well beyond the reach of standard modules. They feature the latest IGBT M7 chips and industry standard topologies, PIM and sixpack, in a new baseplate-less flow S3 housing. Together with its greater ceramic surface area and better thermal performance these are the stepping-stones that take your designs above and beyond the standard. flowPIM S3 module has straight PCB routing with flow-through design: Low inductive design and short high frequency commutation loops. flowPACK S3 module is a 6PACK with open emitter configuration. It's main chip technology IGBT M7. Inverter 1200V/200A, NTC 22kOhm / 5%. flow S3 housing features unified pressure distribution and pre-applied phase change material for superior thermal performance. It is a low-inductive housing with CTI600 plastic material and direct pressed single “big” substrate. No copper baseplate!  Take a look at our article about flow S3 housing in detail. 

Main features

  • High-power density flowPACK S3 modules for more compact designs
  • flowPIM S3’s flow-through design simplifies PCB routing and reduces inductance
  • Superior thermal performance for improved reliability and lifetime
  • Cost-effective solutions without expensive baseplates
  • Optional press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM help cut production costs

Target Applications

  • Industrial
  • Embedded