flowIPM 1B (CIP)

Basic module information

Part number: 20-1B06IPB010RC03-P955A65
Product line: flowIPM 1B (CIP)
Product status: Series
Break down voltage: 600 V
Nominal chip current rating: 10 A
Standard Packing Quantity: 100
Module datasheet: PDF, 2 MB

Product details

Topology: IPM (CIP/PIM+PFC)
  • Integrated DC capacitor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Converter+PFC+Inverter
  • PFC Shunt
  • Gate Drive Circuit including complete Bootstrap Circuit
  • Inverter Shunt
  • PFC Gate Drive
Chip technology (main switch): IGBT RC
  • Optimised collector emitter saturation voltage and forward voltage for low conduction losses
  • Reverse conductive IGBT technology
  • Smooth switching performance leading to low EMI levels
Base isolation (e.g. ceramic): Al2O3
Electrical interconnection: Solder pin
Module simulation data available: On demand

Housing related details

Module housing: flow 1B
Mechanical connection to the PCB: 4 towers
Footprint: 72 mm x 36 mm
Height: 17 mm
  • Ceramic substrate for Thick-film based designs
  • Convex shaped substrate for superior thermal contact
  • Thermo-mechanical push-and-pull force relief
  • Solder pin

Related documents

  • Handling instruction  PDF, 2 MB

    The handling instruction gives information during the design phase of the application and for usage in the production.
    To ensure a proper long term stability and reliability of the power module in the application details about the PCB requirements, heat sinks and thermal interface material as well as instructions on the assembly process are shown.

  • Packaging datasheet  PDF, 82 kB

    The package data gives information about dimensions of the housing.

  • 3D module outline (STEP)  STP, 406 kB

    The 3D step file can be downloaded for the implementation into your CAD system.

  • Power module datasheet explanation PDF, 4 MB

    Explanation of measurement conditions and data sources used in Vincotech’s power module datasheets.

  • Product Qualification at Vincotech PDF, 293 kB

    Vincotech’s qualification tests follow the minimum requirements for the series release of power modules described in this document. These tests also apply for release and re-qualification of modified products.

  • UL (Underwriters laboratories)  PDF, 652 kB

    Vincotech power modules are recognized by UL (Underwriters Laboratories). The UL Mark indicates that UL has tested representative samples of the product and found it to be compliant with the applicable standard or other requirements with respect to its potential risk of fire, electric shock and mechanical hazards.

  • RoHS  PDF, 155 kB

    All Vincotech standard power modules comply with the RoHS specification.

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