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Vincotech Adds flow E1/E2 Product Family

The new flow E1/E2 product family, including PIM (flowPIM E1/E2) and sixpack (flowPACK E1/E2) configurations, features the latest chip generations and deliver superior thermal performance.

flow E2 + flow E1
flow E2+ flow E1

The new 12 mm flow E1/E2 packages for motion control applications go to augment an offering that already includes PIM (flowPIM E1/E2) and sixpack (flowPACK E1/E2) configurations for 600 V and 1200 V with extended power ranges up to 100 A. With these new power modules in a very compact design, featuring the latest IGBT4 and IGBT M7 chip technologies, your will enjoy enhanced efficiency, a greater supply chain security and even more options for building the best in high-performance inverters.


  • 12 mm low-inductive standard industrial package
  • Pre-bent DCB for excellent thermal contact to heat sink
  • Press-fit pins with stress-relive zone
  • Optional Phase-change material


  • 20% thermal performance (Rthj-s) improvement compared to competition for increased lifetime,  higher power and reliability
  • 30% higher power density with latest generation  IGBT M7 chip technology
  • Real multiple source down to chip level (IGBT4, IGBT M7) for enhanced  supply chain security
  • Easy assembly with pre-applied phase-change  material and Press-fit pinsSuperior thermal performance for longer lifetime, higher power and greater reliability

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flow E1 & flow E2 product range

Samples of the flow E1 and flow E2 are available through our usual channels.

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