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flowIPM 1C - The deepest level of integration currently available

flowIPM 1C housing
flowIPM 1C - 1200 V

flowIPM 1C CIB

1200 V / 14 A @ 80°C or 30 A @ 25°C

Big things now come in smaller packages for the latest in motion control applications. Catering to manufacturers seeking higher integration and more sophisticated subsystems to cut systems' cost and assembly time, Vincotech's 1200 V IPM achieves the deepest level of integration of any power module available on the market today. The highly intelligent power module flowIPM 1C features CIB topology and three inverter gate drives, including a bootstrap circuit for high-side power supply. Each leg of the inverter provides current-limiting to protect circuits.

Main benefits:

  • CIB topology (converter + inverter + brake)
  • Brake chopper with integrated gate drive
  • 3 inverter gate drives, including bootstrap circuit for high-side power supply
  • Current-limiting feature in each leg of the inverter
  • Emitter shunts for vastly improved motor control
  • Integrated temperature sensor

Target application

  • Industrial Drives
  • Embedded Drives

flowIPM 1C modules with 1200 V:

Part-No. Voltage
in V
in A
Technology Housing
20-1C12IBA015SH-LB18A08 1200 15 IGBT4 flow 1C

Samples of the ultra efficient flowIPM 1C modules may be sourced on demand from our usual channels.

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