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Vincotech power modules now available with silicone-free pre-applied thermal paste

MiniSKiip 0+1+2+3 - with Thermal Paste
MiniSKiip 0+1+2+3 - with Thermal Paste
Vincotech has been offering pre-applied thermal paste on power modules for many years. This thermal interface material (TIM) bonds the power module and heat sink to improve thermal performance and the application's reliability. The number of applications that are sensitive to silicone is growing and so is demand for silicon-free thermal interface material. To meet it, Vincotech conducted a thorough investigation of various TIMs' technical and commercial viability and then qualified and approved a new silicone-free thermal paste, Müller-Ahlhorn Thermigrease® TG 20032, for MiniSKiiP® power modules. Other power module families will soon follow.


  • Thermal conducting material with optimized thickness
  • Optimized thermal resistance
  • Streamlined production process; no need for screen printing facilities
  • Automated screen printing for utmost precision and reliability
  • Currently available for MiniSKiiP® power modules

Details on Müller-Ahlhorn Thermigrease® TG 20032

Property Test method Unit Value
Condition - - Pasty
Density at 25°C - kg/dm²2.1 – 2.3
Temperature area - °C -50 up to +208
Thermally conductivity DIN 52612 W/mK 2.5 
Electric resistivity - Ohm x cm 1014
Dielectric strength DIN 53481 KV/mm about 20

Order Option Codes for MiniSKiiP® with Silicone-free Thermal Paste 

Lid Order Code  
Standard (6.5 mm) -/4A/ silicone-free
Thin (2.8 mm) -/4B/ silicone-free

Example order code for different lids:

= MiniSKiiP® with thin lid and pre-applied Müller-Ahlhorn Thermigrease®
TG 20032    

Please also see more details about Vincotech's thermal interface material (TIM) as well as the available MiniSKiiP® family with TIM. Samples are available on request. 

MiniSKiiP® is registered trademark of SEMIKRON Elektronik GmbH & Co KG, Germany.

Thermigrease® is a registered trademark of Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH.