Thermal Paste 

Vincotech has been offering pre-applied thermal paste on power modules for many years. This service offers additional benefits with regards to performance and reliability. The screen-printing process is very accurate, so the material’s thickness is well defined and can be optimized for maximum heat transfer capability. For silicone-sensitive applications a new silicone-free thermal paste has been qualified and released for MiniSKiiP® power modules.


  • Thermal conducting material with optimized thickness
  • Optimized thermal resistance
  • Easier production process; no need for screen printing facilities
  • Automated screen printing for utmost precision and reliability
  • For silicone-sensitive applications also available in the newly approved silicone-free TIM


Thermal conductivity W/m*K Detail
Wacker® Paste P12 0.81 silicone-based
Müller-Ahlhorn Thermigrease® TG 20032 2.5 silicone-free