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flowMNPC 1 - featuring pure IGBT topology in a flow 1 housing

flowMNPC 1
flowMNPC 1
Vincotech has unveiled a new Mixed Neutral Point Clamped (MNPC, or T-type) inverter in a flow 1 housing featuring pure IGBT topology.  These high-performance flowMNPC 1 modules were engineered to provide cost-effective solutions for solar, UPS and power supply applications. The MNPC topology is geared to drive 1200 V applications with utmost efficiency. The IGBT4 HS3’s high switching frequency, paired with the IGBT3 in the neutral path holding the saturation voltage low, achieves high performance at a remarkably affordable price. These MNPC modules perform particularly well in combination with our symmetric and dual boosters. A split output prevents cross conduction, while a low inductive pin-out contributes to its excellent EMC behavior. A Kelvin emitter is on board to maximize switching performance. The 12 mm flow 1 housing also comes with a temperature sensor inside.  Pre-applied thermal interface material is optional. The modules are also available with Press-fit pins.

General Features:

  • MNPC topology with IGBT4 HS3 for high switching frequency 
  • Low-inductive pin-out
  • Split output eliminates x-conduction 
  • Able to handle reactive power and LVRT
  • Low inductive, 12 mm flow 1 housing
  • Pre-applied thermal interface material optional
  • Available with Press-fit pins

flowMNPC 1 details:

Part.-No. Voltage in V Current in A Max. power Efficiency
10-PY12NMA160SH-M420FY** 1200  160  21 kW 98.75 %
10-FY12NMA080SH-M427F 1200  80  14 kW 98.65 %
10-PY12NMA080SH-M427FY** 1200  80  14 kW 98.65 %
10-FY12NMA160SH-M420F 1200  160  21 kW 98.75 %

These flowMNPC 1 modules can handle reactive power and LVRT (low voltage ride through). The 10-FY12NMA160SH01-M820F18 module is designed for applications demanding greatly improved LVRT. 

Vincotech’s flowMNPC 1 come in flow 0, flow 1, flow 2, and VINco X4 housings. Samples are available now and the modules are already in production.