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MiniSKiiP® with advanced Die-attach technology


Reliability meets flexibility in MiniSKiiP® advanced die-attach technology.


Longer operating time at high temperatures is a feature that is expected from power modules these days. Vincotech takes on that challenge with advanced new die-attach technology to strengthen the bond between chips and DCBs all across the MiniSKiiP® line.

Featuring latest-generation IGBT M7 and IGBT7 chips, Vincotech MiniSKiiP® products deliver the dual benefits of superior performance and multiple sourcing for flexible and scalable inverter designs with nominal currents ranging from 5 A up to 200 A.


Take a look also at our 5 min video More Options, Better Choices, in which we explain all about our industry-standard power modules featuring the latest-gen chips!



Samples of the MiniSKiiP® with IGBT7 or IGBT M7 are available through our usual channels. 


Main benefits

  • More than ten times longer life at high operating temperatures
  • Latest-gen chips up efficiency and power density to help drive down system costs