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Out now: New MiniSKiiP® PACK 2 & 3

1200 V/50 - 200 A SIXPACK configuration

Vincotech's MiniSKiiP® product family just got bigger. Now, new MiniSKiiP® modules with SIXPACK topology and extended power range are available for industrial and embedded drive applications.
As a true dual-source provider, we offer you a choice of semiconductors, the standard Trench IGBT4 and now the new Mitsubishi Electric gen 7 chip. Either way, these new MiniSKiiP® PACK 2 + MiniSKiiP® PACK 3 modules are the real deal.

Main Features

  • Superior EMI behavior cuts overall system costs
  • 20 % lower static losses than competing products
  • Power range extended up to 200 A for flexible, scalable inverter designs
  • Available with various pre-applied thermal grease

Target application

  • Drives

With the benefit of Mitsubishi Electric gen 7 chip technology, our new MiniSkiiP® PACK modules leave a smaller chip footprint than competing products. They also provide an extended power range (up to 200 A in MiniSkiiP® PACK 3) in the same-size package to achieve the kind of scaling that slashes costs.

MiniSKiiP® PACK 2 & 3 - overview:

Product FamilyPart-No.Voltage in VCurrent in A Comment
MiniSKiiP® PACK 2 80-M2126PA050M7-K718F70 1200 50 under development
MiniSKiiP® PACK 2 80-M2126PA075M7-K719F70 1200 75 in qualification
MiniSKiiP® PACK 2 80-M2126PA100M7-K710F70 1200 100 in qualification
MiniSKiiP® PACK 3 80-M3126PA100M7-K828F70 1200 100 in qualification
MiniSKiiP® PACK 3 80-M3126PA150M7-K829F70 1200 150 in qualification
MiniSKiiP® PACK 3 80-M3126PA200M7-K820F70 1200 200 in qualification

Samples of the MiniSKiiP® PACK 2 & 3 modules may be sourced on demand from our usual channels.

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