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flow S3 – the baseplate-less, medium-power package

The novel baseplate-less housing flow - power up for performance

The novel baseplate-less housing flow S3 comprises 67% more ceramic area than flow 1. Together with the low thermal resistance, flow S3 enables higher power density and more compact designs. Low inductivity is ensured by low profile 12 mm package, free pin positioning and the possibility to integrate ceramic capacitors. Get more options for your design, get more options for your budget.  Learn more about flow S3 housing

Main Benefits

  • More power, same footprint
    Superior thermal performance 
  • Compact, lightweight designs
    A low-inductive housing built for higher switching frequencies
  • Smaller price tag
    No copper baseplate
  • Lower production cost
    Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM

General Features

  • CTI600 housing material
  • 12 mm low-inductive housing
  • Fast, easy assembly
  • Press-fit pins with stress-relief zone
  • Pre-applied phase-change material
  • Advanced die attach technology


Solar, Industrial Drives, Charging Stations, UPS