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New flowPIM & flowPACK E1/E2 with IGBT M7 are available now and ready to ship

Featuring superior thermal performance and the latest-generation IGBT M7 chip technology, these new modules provide customers with enhanced efficiency while reducing supply chain issues. Discover the new PIM (CIB) and sixpack configurations with the power range extending up to 50 A (PIM) and 100 A (sixpack). 


  • 20 % better thermal performance (Rth(j-s)) than  the competition for extended life, more power, and greater reliability 
  • Smaller packages such as the 25 A PIM in flow E1  for higher power density 
  • Real multiple source down to chip level for enhanced  supply chain security 
  • Easy assembly with pre-applied phase-change  material and Press-fit pins 


Key housing features:

  • 12 mm low-inductive standard industrial package
  • Pre-bent DCB for excellent thermal contact to heat sink
  • CTI 600 housing material
  • Press-fit pins with stress-relive zone
  • Optional Phase-change material

Key electrical features:

  • Lowest on-stage voltage Vce(sat)
  • Optimized dynamic losses
  • Improved FWD softness
  • Enhanced dV/dt controllability

Output power losses benchmark

Output power losses vs. fsw benchmarked at maximum allowed Tj temperature of 150°C (fout=50Hz, Tsink=80°C, Vout=340 V)

The chart on the left compares output power at the maximum allowed Tj temperature of 150°C at switching frequencies ranging from 2 to 16 kHz. The flowPIM E2 1200 V/25 A module and a competitor’s equivalent module were benchmarked to this end. This bench test revealed that the new flowPIM E2 featuring the IGBT M7 outperforms the competition by delivering up to 15% higher output power.

flow E with IGBT M7 - product range overview

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