Vincotech Renews Student Racing Sponsorship Vincotech power modules and technical advice to support Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ) for the fourth year running

Founded in 2006 by ETH Zurich students, AMZ affords aspiring engineers the opportunity to put theory into practice and rise to real-world challenges. Leadership and innovation, quality and risk management, cost analysis, project and product documentation – e-racing hones all these skills.

AMZ has been developing electric racing cars for nigh on a decade, taking home trophies in Formula Student races, the world's biggest competition for engineers. The team led the 2018 Formula Student world ranking list. Vincotech’s performance-boosting power modules contributed to the team’s remarkable achievements. With another competitive racing season ahead, we look forward to collaborating with the Academic Motorsports Club in 2019 and wish the crew all the best in its engineering efforts and racing exploits. To learn more about this project, visit

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