Vincotech Remains Sponsor of Student Racing Team AMZ Vincotech provides power modules and technical advice to support Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ).

The Formula Student unites students with great passion for technology, racing and innovation and offers a unique environment in which teams from around the world can compete in several disciplines.

Founded in 2006 by ETH Zurich students, AMZ affords aspiring engineers the opportunity to put theory into practice and rise to real-world challenges. Leadership and innovation, quality and risk management, cost analysis, project and product documentation – e-racing hones all these skills.

The AMZ designs, constructs, and manufactures a new racing car for the Formula Student every year. The separation of our driverless and electric teams has been history since the 2022 season. Due to a change in the rules of the FS Germany competition, teams are only able to achieve the maximum achievable score if the car can drive with a driver as well as without a driver. 150 of the 1000 maximum achievable points can only be won by driverless disciplines.

The season 2021/2022 was a tough one, facing many challenges and tough competition but also great success stories like the 2nd place in DV autocross in the Formular Student East, and team spirit. It brought new insights and knowledge so that AMZ can look forward to a successful season 2023.

Vincotech is proud to ongoingly support AMZ with its power modules and technical knowledge to contribute to a remarkable season 2023. We wish AMZ racing team all the best and keep our fingers crossed!

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