Vincotech Reliable Partnership

Vincotech: Making power modules is what we do. A reliable partner is what we are. Count on us to deliver on our performance promise and put your success first.

Vincotech is your reliable partner for all power modules, off-the-rack and tailored solutions alike. Having customized modules for over 15 years, we have a deep well of experience to draw on. You can count on our flexibility, responsiveness and cooperative spirit. Our professionals will team up with your engineers to make the specification process an exercise in innovation and in the end to deliver solutions that fit your needs. Vincotech is easy to reach when you need information or assistance. What we say goes. We stand by our word. And that makes decisions so much easier to come to. Vincotech products are all about truth in engineering. Performance descriptions in the development phase are accurate. Customers can count on these products to provide a lifetime of good service based on bug-free, stable designs that minimize maintenance effort. Vincotech is your equal partner in business.

Experience Vincotech's Positioning Facets

Speed and Flexibility

Agile and responsive, Vincotech maximizes your design options and helps accelerate your time to market. If it can be done, it will be done.


Vincotech delivers application-specific solutions designed to fit.
Freedom of choice is all yours to enjoy.