Vincotech Application specific solutions

Vincotech delivers solutions tailored to your applications. Completely independent of component suppliers, we cherry-pick what’s best for you and build modules that benefit your business. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your needs are being met. If you want it to be application-specific, it has to be Vincotech.

Customers enjoy great freedom of choice. They are not locked in into one system or tied to standard products or specific suppliers. Free to configure their products as they see fit, they can find the best solution with a lot less effort. Vincotech delivers to customer’s specifications – that is, more efficient products with better thermal connections, optimized to improve their applications. In our book, ‘optimized’ means more cost-effective, smaller, longer-lasting and easier-mounting modules that speed up production. That’s why Vincotech attaches such great value to its simulation and testing tools. The tools interactively calculate modules’ electrical and thermal behavior based on fully measured parameters. If you want your power module to be application-specific, it has to be Vincotech.

Experience Vincotech's Positioning Facets

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Reliable Partnership

Making power modules is what we do. A reliable partner is what we are. Count on us to put your success first. Vincotech and you – equal partners in business. 


Agile and responsive, Vincotech maximizes your design options and helps accelerate your time to market. If it can be done, it will be done.