Product Name and Ordering Codes

Vincotech has established a more descriptive system for naming power modules to ensure consistency and clarity. For the time being, Vincotech still uses both of the following naming systems.

Current version:

This version introduces product names and ordering codes for power modules released after mid 2009.

  • The product name describes module's characteristics.
  • The ordering code extends the product's name. It is listed in the product data sheet.

Click and explore the differents parts that make up the ordering code!

Technology Group
For UL notification
flow housing with Solder pins
FZ:|flow 0 12mm|10-fz F0:|flow 0 17mm|10-f0 FU:|flow 0 12mm solder pins without clips 4 domes|10-fu FX:|flow 0 17mm solder Pins w/o clips 4 domes|10-fx F1:|flow 1 (17mm, solder pin)|10-f1 FY:|flow 1 (12mm) - Solder pin|10-fy TY:|flow 1 2-clip 12mm Solder pin|10-ty F2:|flow 2 - (17mm)|30-f2 FT:|flow 2 - (12mm)|30-ft R0:|flow 90 0 with clips|10-r0 RZ:|flow 90 0 without clips|10-rz R1:|flow 90 1|10-r1 0B:|flow 0B (sub flow 0) (17mm)|10-0b 1B:|flow 1B|20-1b 1C:|flow 1C|20-1c
Screw terminals
W2:|VINco X4|70-w2 W4:|VINco X8|70-w4 W6|VINco X12|70-w6
Low-profile packages
VS:|VINco E3 Solder pins|a0-vs VP:|VINco E3 Press-fit pins|a0-vp
flow housing with Press-fit pins
PZ:|flow 0 12mm - Press-fit|10-pz PO:|flow 0 17mm - Press-fit|10-p0 PC:|flow 0 12mm Press-fit without clips 4 domes|10-pc PD:|flow 0 17mm Press-fit without clips 4 domes|10-pd P1:|flow 1 - Press-fit (17mm)|10-p1 PY:|flow 1 (12mm) - Press-fit|10-py PW:|flow 1 2-clip 12mm Press-fit pin P2:|flow 2 - Press-fit (17mm)|30-p2 PT:|flow 2 - Press-fit (12mm)|30-pt EZ:|flow E1 12mm-Press-fit (easy press-fit pin)|10-ez EY:|flow E2 12mm-Press-fit (easy press-fit pin)|10-ey FB:|flow 1B Press-fit 12mm|20-fb
M0:|MiniSKiiP 0|housing1=8-miniskiip®0 M1:|MiniSKiiP 1|housing1=8-miniskiip®1 M2:|MiniSKiiP 2|housing1=8-miniskiip®2 M3:|MiniSKiiP 3|housing1=8-miniskiip®3
06:|600 V|voltage1=5-600 07:|650 V|voltage1=5-650 09:|900 V|voltage1=5-900 12:|1200 V|voltage1=5-1200 16:|1600 V|voltage1=5-1600 24:|2400 V|voltage1=5-2400
3B:|3xBooster|topology1=2-booster&productline1=4-flow3xboost0sic&productline2=4-flow3xboost2sic&productline3=4-flow3xboost0 AN:|Advanced NPFC|productline1=4-flowanpfc0&subtopology1=3-anpfc-ke-cap-ntc&topology1=2-pfcthree-phaseapplications NA:|ANPC|topology1=2-three-levelanpc NB:|Boost Symmetric|topology1=2-boostersymmetric&chip1=7-igbt3&chip2=7-trenchfieldstopigbt&chip3=7-igbt3hs&chip4=7-infineoncoolmos%E2%84%A2c6&chip5=7-parallelswitch&chip6=7-igbth5&chip7=7-igbts5&chip8=7-igbtfast&chip1=7-igbt3&chip2=7-trenchfieldstopigbt&chip3=7-igbt3hs&chip4=7-infineoncoolmos™c6&chip5=7-parallelswitch&chip6=7-igbth5&chip7=7-igbts5&chip8=7-igbtfast BV:|Booster + H6.5|topology1=2-h65&subtopology1=3-dualboosterh65-ke-ntc&subtopology2=3-boosterh65-ke-ntc BI:|Booster + Inverter|topology1=2-single-phaseinverter&subtopology1=3-dualboosterh-bridge-ke-cap-ntc&subtopology2=3-dualboosterh-bridge-ke-cap-ntc-bypassdiode&subtopology3=3-dualboosterh-bridge-ke-ntc-cap BB:|Buck-Booster Symmetric|topology1=2-buck-boostersymmetric B2:|Dual Booster|subtopology1=3-dualboost-ke-cap-ntc HV:|H6.5|topology1=2-h65&subtopology1=3-h65-ke-ntc 2P:|Half-Bridge|topology1=2-half-bridge 4P:|H-Bridge|topology1=2-h-bridge&subtopology1=3-2xhalfbridge-ke-cap-ntc&subtopology2=3-2xhalfbridge-ke-ntc&subtopology3=3-h-bridge-ke-oe-cap-ntc&subtopology4=3-h-bridge-oe-ke-cap-ntc&subtopology5=3-h-bridge-ke-oe-ntc IB:|IPM (PIM + Brake)|topology1=2-ipmcippimpfc IP:|IPM (PIM)|topology1=2-ipmcippimpfc NM:|MNPC
M3:|MNPC (3-Phase) LB:|Neutral Boost PFC NI:|NPC N3:|NPC (3-Phase) NP:|NPC (Inverter Parallel) NR:|NPC (Inverter Reactive) 2T:|PFC - rectifier + 2x boost PN:|PIM (w/o Brake) PP:|PIM + PFC (w/o Brake) PM:|PIM(CIB) ZA:|Rectifier + PFC + Inverter 7P:|Sevenpack R6:|Sixpack+Rectifier 1S:|Symmetric PFC 6B:|Three-phase rectifier + Brake
Modules with the same topology, same housing and same pinout have same character
005:|5 A|current1=6-5 050:|50 A|current1=6-50 100:|100 A|current1=6-100 045:|45 mOhm 099:|99 mOhm
Chip Technology
SL:|IGBT F5 RG:|IGBT fast|chip1=7-igbtfast FY:|IGBT fast|chip1=7-igbtfast SM:|IGBT H5 SU:|IGBT L5 FX:|IGBT low drop NB:|IGBT M6 M7:|IGBT M7 RC:|IGBT RC S5:|IGBT S5 FU:|IGBT UltraFast F4:|IGBT UltraFast SD:|IGBT2 FC:|IGBT2 fast FB:|IGBT2 HS SA:|IGBT3 SG:|IGBT3 HS3 SB:|IGBT3 LL SC:|IGBT4
SH:|IGBT4 HS FL:|Infineon CoolMOS C3 FS:|Infineon CoolMOS C6 CR:|Infineon CoolMOS CFD2 FH:|Infineon CoolMOS CP FT:|Low voltage MOSFET MF:|MOSFET + Fast Diode MC:|MOSFET + SiC FR:|NPT IGBT FP:|Parallel Switch RW:|Rectifier ME:|SiC MOSFET MR:|SiC MOSFET MI:|SiC MOSFET FQ:|SJ MOSFET FK:|ST MDmesh M5 FV:|Trench Field Stop IGBT NS:|Trench Field Stop II IGBT N3:|Ultra Field Stop IGBT
Alternative parts
Optional substrate material
Internal Identifier
Option Code

Previous version:

This ordering code is identical with the product name shown here. It is still applicable for all products released before mid-2009 and subsequent releases within product families established before 2009. This code is also valid for resistors and relays. 

Leading Number
V23990:|Power modules V23109:|Relay S30814:|Hybrids
Product Classification
P:|flow power modules K:|MiniSkiip power modules S:|Relays Q:|Hybrids
Product Identification
First two digits: product family identifier
Last digit: module identifier
Modules are listed from lowest to highest power (e.g. 600 V / 4 A - 1200 V / 15 A)
Option Code
Different housings
Optional DCB material
Optional parts (e.g. brake)
Option Code 2
Y:|Press-fit option
Option Code 3
Thermal Interface Material:|MiniSKiiP options
Part Number