IPM – Intelligent power module 


The most important feature of an IPM device alongside the PIM, sixpack or PFC topology is its integrated driver circuit.


IPMs are widely used in major appliances – otherwise known as white goods – because they are very functional and easy to use. Vincotech IPMs are most often used in fan and pump applications as they allow for more compact designs than the usual power module.

How it works

An IPM works much like a sixpack module, with the added benefit of the integrated driver circuit. In many cases, the module can be driven by nothing more than PWM signals sent directly from the microcontroller. Other passive components are built into Vincotech IPMs alongside the integrated driver. These are the complete bootstrap circuit, a small DC capacitor to close the high frequency loop inside the power module, and shunt resistors to measure the current.

To learn more and see the full range of products, follow this link: IPM (CIB).