A half-bridge module is equipped with just two IGBTs and two freewheeling diodes, which usually have 600 V, 1200 V or 1700 V blocking voltage capability. The IGBTs and diodes often share the same current rating. Nearly all modules are equipped with an NTC or PTC alongside the power semiconductors.


Half-bridge modules are not often used individually in applications. Usually two or more modules are installed in solar inverters, UPS systems, welding equipment, power supplies and frequency inverters.

How it works

Two half-bridges or half-bridge modules can be connected to form an H-bridge, for example, for single-phase photovoltaic inverters. When three modules are interconnected, they can perform the same function as a sixpack module.

The modules may be operated as inverters to convert DC into AC voltage or as converters to transform AC into DC voltage in applications like active front end.

One selling point of half-bridge modules is that they are more flexible than H-bridges and sixpack modules. Suitable for a wide range of applications, they have the added benefit of distributing the resulting power loss over a larger area.

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