The flow S3 housing lacks a heavy copper baseplate, which makes for a very affordable module. With the benefit of their low stray inductance, the 12 mm housing prominently features applications where fast switching speed and high efficiency is needed, resulting in low voltage overshoot.

flow S3 housing was designed to offer excellent thermal contact and low thermal resistance to the heat sink.
3D Preview

Housing dimensions

  • Height: 12 mm
  • Width: 81.8 mm
  • Depth: 61.3 mm


  • Compact, baseplate-less format
  • CTI600 housing material
  • 12 mm low-inductive housing
  • Variable pin position for very low inductivity
  • Fast, easy assembly
  • Press-fit pins with stress-relief zone
  • Pre-applied phase-change material

Outline drawing

flow S3