This ultra compact housing for small power applications is an excellent choice for cost-effective, space-saving design.

The flow 0B housing is sized for smaller power applications, providing a compact alternative to meet the demands of smaller power embedded drives and frequency inverters.

3D Preview

Housing dimensions

  • Height: 12 mm / 17 mm
  • Length: 35 mm
  • Width: 37 mm

Housing Features

  • Single-screw heat sink mounting
  • Built-in standoffs with optional PCB screw mounting
  • For very compact designs
  • 12 and 17 mm in height
  • Thin 0.38 mm Al2O3 ceramic for improved thermal performance
  • Solder or Press-fit pins
  • Dimensions: 37 mm x 35 mm    
  • Phase-change material is available

Outline drawing

flow 0b 2-tower 17 mm