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Vincotech’s PCIM booth raises €15,000 for Ukraine project

Proceeds go to Plan International to help children affected by the war

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, put its slogan “Stronger together with Vincotech” to the test with the Vitruvian exercise platform. The company staged this charity benefit at the PCIM Europe trade fair to raise funds for the NGO Plan International Germany. Visitors rose to the challenge. Vincotech and its partners rewarded their efforts by donating €15,000 to a child welfare project.

Vincotech has a history of hosting charity events at PCIM Europe, the world's leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. Ranging from wall climbing to Sudoku, these charitable activities are very popular with fairgoers. This year’s challenge centered on the Vitruvian workout platform, which comes equipped with a Vincotech component.

The Vitruvian training machine has AI on board that adapts resistance to deliver truly personalized training. The Vincotech motion control module flowPIM® 0 + PFC is very much part of its innovative design. With motion-capture sensors and computer vision to track the trainee’s motion an impressive 1,000 times per second, Vitruvian knows exactly when to increase or reduce the load.

PCIM Europe visitors were afforded the opportunity to give Vitruvian a spin. Hundreds took the company up on its offer, and Vincotech matched all contributions to raise €15,000 for Plan International Germany.

“It’s important to us that we demonstrate our company spirit at an industry fair. That’s why we always come up with an activity that slots in with what we do and what we’re all about,” says Vincotech VP Sales and Marketing Edoardo Guiotto. “Our modules power and control a vast array of devices, with Vitruvian being one of the more unusual use cases. Of course, we like to see fairgoers having fun, but we love contributing to a worthy cause, in this case a project to help Ukrainian children in need. The war’s not over, but with the help of Plan International Germany we can try to make life a bit easier for its most innocent victims.”

Edoardo Guiotto, Vincotech VP Sales and Marketing

"Vincotech has been our valued partner since 2011 and has already supported us in numerous projects, especially during the Christmas season, thus creating better living conditions for young people worldwide. Therefore, we are particularly pleased about the additional donations for our Ukraine emergency aid, in order to be able to support children and their families in acute crises even more efficiently and transparently".

Kathrin Hartkopf, National Executive Director, Plan International Germany.

War takes a heavy toll on the mental health of youngsters; these invisible wounds linger long after the fighting stops. Plan International is working with other organizations in Ukraine’s neighboring countries Poland, Romania and Moldova to provide relief to youngsters and their families suffering from this conflict. This includes child protection, mental health, education and advocacy programs, as well as cash and vouchers.

Vincotech wishes to thank everyone involved. To learn more about Vincotech’s event and the charity, please visit