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Vincotech’s PCIM booth raises €15,000 for project

Proceeds go to Plan International to help young Ecuadorians off to a better start in working life

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, staged a charity benefit at the PCIM Europe trade fair to raise funds for the NGO Plan International Germany. Visitors rose to this virtual reality (VR) challenge. Vincotech and its partners rewarded their efforts by donating €15,000 to a project to support young Ecuadorians.

Vincotech has a history of hosting charity events at PCIM Europe, the world's leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. Ranging from wall climbing to Sudoku, these activities have been a big hit with fairgoers. This year’s event – a VR flight over mountainous terrain – was yet another audience magnet.

Hundreds of PCIM Europe visitors took up the challenge, with Vincotech matching all pledges to raise €15,000 for a Plan International Germany project in Ecuador. The money goes to support youngsters, especially girls, in ten communities each in the Cotopaxi and Santa Elena regions. It funds projects to convey entrepreneurial, digital, and soft skills that will help them get off to a better start in professional life, as well as health services for mothers and children.

Creating value for kids

At Vincotech, we’re all about creating value for customers. Our showcase at a world-class trade fair affords us the opportunity to create value for kids, while treating fairgoers to a fun experience. That’s what we strive for in business and in philanthropy – a win-win for everyone,” says Edoardo Guiotto, Vincotech’s VP Sales and Marketing.

This project, which involves 2,000 individuals directly and indirectly benefits nearly 6,000 community members, is a certainly a winning proposition for young Ecuadorians in the region.

Vincotech wishes to thank everyone involved in this activity.