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Vincotech Releases MiniSKiiP® PIM 2 IGBT M7 with Open Emitter

The new modules enable for accurate and cost effective current measurement

Vincotech GmbH announced the release of the new product line MiniSKiiP® PIM 2 IGBT M7 with open emitter for flexible and cost efficient current measurement. Featuring PIM (CIB) topology and the latest IGBT M7 chip technology, these modules are able to handle up to 50 A.

Addressed for motion control applications, MiniSKiiP® PIM 2 IGBT M7 modules provide an open emitter configuration for accurate and cost effective current measurement in the leg, Thus, it offers industrial clients the flexibility to measure the current either in the leg or in the phase. Coupled with the benefit of an extended power range of up to 50 A in the MiniSKiiP® 2 housing, it is far more easy for engineers to turn up flexible, scalable inverter designs.

For more than ten years, Vincotech has been a reliable partner for MiniSKiiP® modules. To rule out any and all supply chain issues, Vincotech owns the tools needed to prepare housings and new machines for MiniSKiiP® products. This IGBT M7 chip delivers the dual benefits of superior performance and multiple sourcing to minimize customers’ supply chain risks. To learn more about Vincotech’s MiniSKiiP® PIM 2 OE modules, please visit

Available products
Sample modules of the MiniSKiiP® PIM 2 IGBT7 can be sourced on demand at