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VINco E3 - Satisfying Market Demand for Mid-power Inverters

The low-profile module to improve efficiency and reliability of your mid-power inverters.

The market is demanding ever more efficient solutions for motion control, solar and UPS applications. The auspicious pairing of VINco E3 and IGBT M7 chips answers that call. Featuring innovative SoLid Cover (SLC) technology with an Insulated Metal Baseplate and direct potting resin, this new industry-standard, mid-power package achieves both high thermal and high power cycling capability.
VINco E3 housings come in two versions, the VINcoDUAL E3 (VINco E3s), a half-bridge with screw terminals, and the VINcoPACK E3 (VINco E3), a sixpack without screw terminals.

These elegant power units for mid-power inverters are sure to delight your engineers. With the benefit of VINco E3 modules, they are able to boost the output current, power density and reliability of your designs.

The new SoLid Cover technology

The VINco E3's flagship features are IGBT M7 chips and SLC (SoLid Cover) technology. An unprecedented packaging technology built on a new Insulated Metal Baseplate (IMB), SLC combines an electrically insulating resin layer with a direct-bonded, topside and bottom-side copper layer. It replaces the substrate solder layer and separate baseplate to achieve

  • High thermal cycling capability
  • Reduced thermal resistance
  • High power density and low stray inductance

Direct potting resin distributes the mechanical stress more uniformly than silicone gel for improved power cycling capability

Key features

  • Low-loss, new gen-7 chip technology
  • New SLC and Insulated Metal Baseplate (IMB) technology
  • Superior thermal cycling capability
  • • Matched CTE values (IMB, resin, case) to eliminate pump-out
  • Low-profile package
  • Integrated NTC
  • Press-fit pins and pre-applied phase-change material

User Benefits

  • Longer module life time
  • Increased power density
  • Simple mounting and easy inverter design and manufacturing

VINco E3 line-up at a glance

  • VINco E3 will be available in 650 V, 1200 V and 1700 V versions for scalable platform designs
  • IGBT M7 and Trench IGBT3/IGBT4 chips available from multiple sources to protect your supply lines
TopologyHousingVCES 650 VVCES 1200 VVCES 1700 VChip Technology
Half-BridgeVINcoDUAL E3300 A*200 A300 A*IGBT M7  /  Trench IGBT3*  /  IGBT4*
Half-BridgeVINcoDUAL E3300 A*300 A300 A*IGBT M7  /  Trench IGBT3*  /  IGBT4*
Half-BridgeVINcoDUAL E3

450 A*

450 A450 A*IGBT M7  /  Trench IGBT3*  /  IGBT4*
Half-BridgeVINcoDUAL E3600 A*600 A600 A*IGBT M7  /  Trench IGBT3*  /  IGBT4*
Half-BridgeVINcoDUAL E3800 A*IGBT M7
SIXPACKVINcoPACK E3100 A*100 A100 A*IGBT M7  /  Trench IGBT3*  /  IGBT4*
SIXPACKVINcoPACK E3150 A*150 A150 A*IGBT M7  /  Trench IGBT3*  /  IGBT4*
SIXPACKVINcoPACK E3200 A*200 AIGBT M7  /  Trench IGBT3*  /  IGBT4*

*Under development

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