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Vincotech’s new innovative flow90 sixpack modules - the perfect match for book-sized inverters and rack-mounted power supplies.

A flawlessly tailored fit for bookshelf inverters and rack-mounted power supplies is now available right off the shelf with Vincotech’s smart-yet-simple flow90PACK 0 and flow90PACK 1 modules rated for up to 75 A and up to 1200 V. Many of these applications require a 90° angle between the heat sink and PCB, so engineers had no choice but to go with a flexible PCB or costly L-shaped heat sink. Now the space- and cost-saving sixpacks in flow90 0 and flow90 1 housings are here to solve that problem. .


  • Modules comply with DIN and IEC standards
  • Topologies are easily customized
  • Pre-applied phase-change material available on demand
  • Optional clip-in PCB mounting helps simplify assembly
  • Can be wave-soldered along with the other components in one pass
  • Thermo-mechanical, push-and-pull force relief
  • Available in two sizes::
    flow90 0 - 38 x 66 x 21 mm
    flow90 1 - 35 x 84 x 21 mm

Main benefits

  • Eliminates the need for L-shaped heat sinks to slash costs
    by as much as half
  • Compact housing enables 90° angle between heat sink and
    PCB for up to 40% savings
  • Installs on the same PCB side as other through-hole components
  • Optional clip-in PCB mounting helps simplify assembly

Samples of the flow90PACK 0 and flow90PACK 1 may be ordered through our usual channels.