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flow 0B housing for cost-effective, space-saving designs

flow 0B housing
flow 0B housing

flow 0B housing - the compact cost cutter

Vincotech has unveiled the new flow 0B housing sized for small power applications. It is a smaller version of the flow 0 housing, a popular product that has proven its merits in countless applications. This compact alternative is designed to meet the demands of smaller power embedded drives and frequency inverters.  The first of the two debut topologies in the flow 0B housing consists of a PIM + PFC and is called flowCIP 0B. Equipped with a single-phase input rectifier, a PFC booster and a three-phase inverter, it uses high-speed 650 V IGBTs for the PFC. A DC capacitor and an NTC are integrated. The flowCIP 0B module rated for the highest current features a PFC circuit based on a nominal chip current of 15 A and an inverter section equipped with 10 A components. Smaller versions are also available to cover a wide power range. The other topology is called flowPACK 0B. This standard inverter topology with 6 IGBTs and freewheeling diodes is available with 1200 V and 600 V ratings. The 600 V variant covers currents ranging from 6 A to 30 A; the 1200 V variant comes with currents ratings between 4 A and 15 A.

General Features:

  • Single-screw heat sink mounting
  • Built-in standoffs with optional PCB screw mounting
  • For very compact designs
  • 17 mm in height for greater creepage distance 
  • Thin 0.38 mm Al2O3 ceramic improving thermal performance
  • Solder or Press-fit pins
  • Optionally with pre-applied, highly conductive TIM with 3.4 W/mK

flowCIP 0B details:

Part.-No.Voltage in VCurrent in ATechn.Comment
10-0B06PPA004RC-L022A096004RC IGBTPFC; up to 50 kHz
10-0B06PPA006RC-L023A096006RC IGBTPFC; up to 50 kHz
10-0B06PPA010RC-L025A0960010RC IGBTPFC; up to 50 kHz
10-0B06PPA010RC01-L025A60010RC IGBTPFC; up to 100 kHz

flowPACK 0B details:

Part.-No.Voltage in VCurrent in ATechn.Comment
10-0B066PA006SB-M992F096006IGBT31.5 Vce
10-0B066PA010SB-M993F0960010IGBT31.5 Vce
10-0B066PA015SB-M994F0960015IGBT31.5 Vce
10-0B066PA020SB-M995F0960020IGBT31.5 Vce
10-0B066PA030SB-M996F0960030IGBT31.5 Vce
10-0B126PA004SC-M997F0912004IGBT41.85 Vce
10-0B066PA006SB-M992F0912008IGBT41.85 Vce
10-0B066PA010SB-M993F09120015IGBT41.85 Vce

Samples and datasheets of both variants are available on request through our standard sales channels.