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The Tandem Solution for Faster Switching

Vincotech's new 1200 V sixpack solution for servo drive applications and line converters for elevator drives are out now.

Servo drive applications and line converters for elevator drives require switching frequencies up to 16 kHz. Vincotech’s new 1200 V sixpack family features a dual-diode setup not only to equip your designs to easily satisfy these requirements; they also slash system costs. Equipped with high-speed IGBT4 and tandem diode technology, this new
flowPACK 1 family boosts efficiency to strike the best balance between costs and benefits. Packaged in the low-inductive industry-standard flow 1 housing, these three-phase inverter modules cover a wide power range from 25 A up to 75 A.
All modules are also available with phase-change material.

Main Benefits

  • High-speed IGBT4 drives down switching losses
  • 650 V diodes in tandem configuration cut the switching losses even further
  • Integrated thermal sensor makes it so much easier and cheaper to measure temperature
  • Kelvin emitter enhances current control and switching performance
  • Standardized footprint for easier, cheaper PCB design

General Features

  • Three-phase inverter
  • High-speed IGBT4 for reduced switching losses
  • Tandem diode concept for reduced switching losses
  • Integrated thermal sensor
  • High-side and low-side sense

Target Applications

  • Industrial drives
  • Servo and elevator drives

Samples of the flowPACK 1 family are available through our usual channels.