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Speedier Switching with Vincotech's New Tandem Solution

Tipping the cost/performance scales in the right direction

A unique family of high-speed power modules is now available to boost efficiency and strike the best balance between costs and benefits. The new flowPACK 1 1200 V sixpack features tandem diode technology and a high-speed IGBT.

This new product line extends the company’s portfolio of power modules for motion control applications requiring higher switching frequencies and lower power loss. This family of high-speed 1200 V sixpacks with tandem diodes is comprised of several IGBT modules to cover currents ranging up to 75 A at room temperature. Its unique feature set ups current control capability and efficiency to slash overall system costs.

All products ship in a flow 1 package with Press-fit pins. Every package shares the same pin-out and footprint, so drive manufacturers can easily re-use the same PCB design for various power applications.

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