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Size matters

Downsize your design, upsize efficiency with the new 650 V / 50 A flow3xANPFC

Vincotech’s new 650 V / 50 A flow3xANPFC 1 features three phases packed in a single 12 mm, low-inductance flow 1 housing. All modules are also available with phase-change material. Integrated NTCs monitor temperature and built-in snubbing capacitors improve EMC.

ANPFC’s efficiency is 15% higher than that of the widely used Vienna rectifier. Three-level PFC features prominently in power supply and high-end motor drive applications such as pumps and fans. An excellent choice for these applications, the flow3xANPFC is also the perfect complement to our sixpack motion control power modules.

Main benefits

  • Compact design ups power density, slashes weight
  • Low-inductive design reduces EMI
  • Integrated DC capacitors mitigate voltage over-shoot
  • Higher switching frequency, lower filtering effort and costs

General features

New modules feature the latest IGBT technology 

  • Ultra-fast Si diodes for cost efficiency 
  • or alternatively SiC diodes for higher switching frequencies
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Integrated DC capacitor

Target Applications

  • Power supplies
  • Industrial drives
  • Charging stations