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Multi-sourced flowPACK 1 H6.5 family for single-phase PV and ESS systems

Vincotech presents an easy-to-use solution for your next single-phase PV and ESS system project. The multi-sourced flowPACK 1 H6.5 family has it covered! Optimized for PV systems with active or reactive loads, Vincotech's latest addition extends the family for bidirectional ESS applications. Engineered for applications from 3 kW up to 10 kW, these modules are housed in 12 mm, low-inductance flow packaging.

Get to know our flowPACK 1 H6.5 family!

Main benefits

  • Optimized for single-phase solar PV and ESS applications
  • Highly efficient three-level H6.5 topology maximizes ROI
  • Common footprint lowers development costs
  • Compact, integrated solution reduces weight and increases power density
  • Secure supply chain thanks to multi-sourced components


  • Solar
  • ESS