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New era starts now

flowPIM® S3 + 3xPFC – perfect for power ranges up to 11 kW

Higher power density, higher power ranges – the market expects no less from next-gen embedded drives, heat pumps and HVAC systems. Now Vincotech has engineered a groundbreaking topology to tackle this tough challenge: The new 1200 V flowPIM® S3 + 3xPFC featuring current-synthesizing PFC (CS-PFC) strikes the best balance between performance and system cost to benefit your business.

Samples of the new flowPIM® S3 + 3xPFC are available through our usual channels.


Main Benefits

  • Current-synthesizing PFC slashes module costs by 25% (up to 40% without a booster stage) with conversion efficiency ranging as high as >99%
  • System costs come down with fewer and smaller inductors on the PCB
  • No large electrolytic DC-link capacitors for even more system-level savings
  • Thin Al2O3 substrate facilitates overall thermal design
  • Integrated thermal sensor simplifies temperature measurement


  • Embedded drives