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More than just a Half-Bridge

New flowDUAL E3 SiC - Greater scalability for your high-power application

Engineered for maximum power density, this half-bridge module can serve to construct excellent H-bridges and sixpacks. Far higher current handling, enhanced power loss dissipation, greater scalability than a solution with a single-module footprint – the flowDUAL delivers all this and more. 

In combination with VINcoPress and advanced die-attach technology, this new baseplate-less module is your first choice for a wide range of high-power use cases where utmost efficiency and reliability are top priorities.

Find more about the technical details in the product page.

Samples are available through our usual channels.

Main benefits

  • Outstanding, ≥99% conversion efficiency brings down overall costs
  • Low stray inductance and symmetrical chip layout enable higher switching frequency and lower system costs
  • Greater supply chain security with
    – the new flow E3 industry standard-compatible housing (CTI >600)
    – the latest multi-sourced SiC devices
  • Excellent thermal performance with VINcoPress technology to decrease junction temperature and increase lifetime
  • Pre-applied PC-TIM rated for 150°C helps reduce production cost


  • Industrial drives
  • Embedded drives
  • EV Chargers
  • Solar
  • UPS