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Upgrade your three-phase solar inverters using flow3xNPC 1 modules to the next class.

Engineered for high power density, Vincotech’s latest three-phase NPC modules will put your next solar inverter on the fast track to the highest performance class for size, efficiency and weight.
Our new flow3xNPC 1 modules combine the latest IGBT technology and enhanced thermal packaging to deliver the best performance across a wide range of loads.
The new 1200 V / 30 A and 50 A modules are housed in a 12 mm, low-inductance flow 1 package.


  • Three-phase Neutral Point Clamped Topology (I-Type)
  • Kelvin Emitter for ultra fast switching performance
  • Low Inductance layout
  • Very compact design
  • Press-fit pins

Main Benefits

  • Optimized for three-phase solar applications
  • Compact solution increases power density and reduces system weight
  • Highly efficient three-level NPC topology maximizes ROI
  • Lower system cost with reduced filtering and enhanced thermal performance
  • Entire range from 7 kW to 20 kW available now

Possible Applications

  • Solar Inverters 
  • UPS
  • SMPS

Samples of the new flow3xNPC 1 modules are available through our usual channels.

To see the currently available products and select the best module for your application, visit: