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The complete MiniSKiiP® portfolio with IGBT M7 and IGBT7 for real chip-level multi sourcing

Vincotech is more than 10 years reliable partner for MiniSKiiP® modules and now we offer IGBT M7 and IGBT7 across its complete MiniSKiiP® portfolio. This delivers the dual benefits of superior performance and multiple sourcing to minimize customers´ supply chain risks. These modules enable manufacturers to offer flexible, scalable inverter designs for motion control applications with a nominal current range from 5 A up to 200 A. The choice is yours to go either for a higher power rating in the same package or for the same power rating in a smaller package.

Main benefits

  • Multiple sourcing through the complete MiniSKiiP® component chain to enhanced supply chain security
  • Lower power losses and improved efficiency with 20 % lower VCEsat than the competition
  • Increased output power (>40%) for easily scalable inverter designs driving down system costs
  • Pre-applied, high performance thermal paste (HPTP) for superior thermal performance

General MiniSKiiP® Features

  • Solder-free SPRiNG Technology for shortest assembly time
  • Without copper baseplate for cost efficiency
  • Easy and flexible PCB routing without pin holes
  • Real chip-level multiple sourcing: TRENCHSTOPTM IGBT3/IGBT4 and new IGBT M7 with low VCEsat
  • Open emitter configuration
  • Kelvin emitter for improved switching performance
  • 5.5kV DC test isolation voltage (t = 2sec)
  • Compatible pin out for IGBT4 and IGBT M7
  • Built in NTC

Samples of the MiniSKiiP® with IGBT7 or IGBT M7 are available through our usual channels.