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Maximize your power density - Minimize your losses

NEW Three-Level NPC module for up to 120 kVA

flowNPC 2

Opt for Vincotech’s new three-level NPC inverter and your next solar, UPS and ESS applications are sure to benefit from maximum power density and minimum losses. High efficiency, low weight and small size—the new flowNPC 2 module (200 A and 300 A) was built specifically to address these key design challenges. Featuring the latest-generation IGBT technology in a low-inductive, 13 mm flow 2 package, it supports frequencies up to 50 kHz. The proven NPC architecture delivers the best performance, particularly at higher frequencies, and reduces costs by as much as 10% compared to other popular three-level architectures such as MNPC.

Main benefits

  • High power density enables designs up to 120 kVA
  • Fully rated diodes provide full reactive power capability
  • Higher frequencies can be achieved with lower losses
  • Smaller passive components enable lighter designs


  • Diodes optimized for solar, UPS and ESS applications
  • Enables frequencies up to 50 kHz
  • 650 V components
  • Available for 200 A and 300 A
  • Packaged in the low-inductive, 13 mm flow 2 package

Topologies Benchmark

    • Equipped with the latest-generation IGBT S5, the NPC module delivers the best performance at and above 8 to 10 kHz when Si components are used
    • 10% lower costs with NPC vs. MNPC with the same current rating

      Possible Applications

      • SMPS
      • Solar
      • UPS

      Samples of these ultra efficient flowNPC 2 modules can be ordered from our usual channels.