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The PIM-plus-PFC package for up to 20 A in a compact flow 0 housing

Vincotech's flowPIM 0 + PFC modules combine deeply integrated power modules with active power correction circuits to bring the benefits of both to your application.  This module is equipped with power components such as a rectifier, inverter, and active PFC.
The flowPIM 0 + PFC family is designed for motor drive applications requiring active power factor correction (PFC). In addition to a rectifier and inverter, it features a MOSFET switch and boost diode in the PFC circuit, a shunt resistor, as well as a DC link snubber capacitor. This latest generation module covers input power ranges from below one up to 4 kW. The most powerful version is equipped with an SiC boost diode for highest efficiency and performance. The flowPIM 0 + PFC modules also offer technical benefits such as wide-range input voltage and higher DC link voltages for higher efficiencies. 


  • Converter+PFC+Inverter
  • Integrated Shunt Resistor
  • Open Emitter configuration
  • Temperature sensor
  • IGBT3 LL chip technology
  • Easy paralleling
  • Low turn-off losses
  • Positive temperature coefficient
  • Short tail current

Active PFC offers technical benefits such as wide-range input voltage and higher DC link voltages for higher efficiencies. Thanks to the integrated MOSFET switch, the PFC can be operated at higher switching frequencies, providing huge space and cost saving at system. The rectifier and PFC are not connected internally for a more EMC-friendly design. The shunt can be used to sense PFC or inverter current. The connection is open, so the shunt’s value may be adjusted via external circuits. The inverter section’s open collector topology enables easy current sensing for each phase.

A 100 nF snubber capacitor for the DC link and an NTC are also integrated. The flowPIM 0 + PFC modules come in 12 and 17-mm, 2-clip flow 0 housing with Press-fit or solder pins.


  • Deeply integrated to save up to 20% space on the PCB 
  • Supports external gate drive for far greater flexibility in PCB design
  • Open emitter configuration in the inverter stage for full motor control
  • Active fast-switching PFC on board boosts efficiency by as much as 30%
  • Reduces size and cost of onboard components and heat sink

Samples of the flowPIM 0 + PFC modules are available through our usual channels.