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Full SiC and hybrid Si/SiC flying-capacitor dual boosters

Out now for 1500 V solar inverters – a better way to boost performance

Combining flying-capacitor topology with full SiC or hybrid Si/SiC components, flowBOOST 1 modules provide a real alternative for the right cost/performance balance. Available in a low inductance flow 1 housing and tailored for 1500 V solar inverters, they outperform conventional boosters and enable engineers to design more compact, lighter systems. Choose your performance. Choose your cost. With flowBOOST 1 modules you can make the choices that are the best for your application. Read more about the topology and  flowBOOST dual boosters with flying-capacitors. 

Main benefits

  • More secured supply chain 
    Multi-sourced components ensure flexibility  
  • Greater flexibility in design, better cost/performance
    Optimized IGBT- and SiC-based solutions
  • Lower production costs
    Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM

Target applications

  • Solar

Samples of the flowBOOST dual boosters with flying-capacitors are available through our usual channels.