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flowBOOST S3 triple boosters for solar applications

New ways to boost performance with flowBOOST S3 triple boosters – a real alternative for 1500 V solar inverters

Designers seeking to strike the right balance between cost and performance need real alternatives. That’s what Vincotech’s new flowBOOST S3 triple boosters are here to do. Featuring high-efficiency Flying-capacitor topology, these new boosters enable engineers to find the right design balance. Available in a low-inductance flow S3 housing and tailored for 1500 V solar inverters, these boosters outperform their conventional counterparts and provide even greater power density for more compact, lighter systems. Samples of the flowBOOST S3 family are available through our usual channels. Read more about Flying-Capacitors in our Technical library, which includes several articles about solar applications.  If you want to know more about Dual Symmetric Boosters for 1500 V Solar inverters, click here.

Main benefits:

  • Multi-sourced components to minimize supply chain risk
  • Solder or Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM to help reduce production cost
  • Optimized hybrid Si/SiC-based solutions with a common footprint for greater design flexibility and leading cost/performance metrics

Target applications: