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Capture more of the sun

Vincotech's new 300 A, three-level neutral point clamped solution featuring integrated snubber capacitors for frequencies above 16 kHz

Get the most out of your solar inverter with Vincotech’s new three-level NPC module. The integrated on-board capacitors enable higher DC-Link voltages and smaller passive components by reducing 40% the voltage overshoot. The chipset or the new flowNPC 2 module has also been optimized to enhance efficiency at real power while retaining reactive power capability across a wide range. Targeting frequencies above 16 kHz this new product facilities the design of compact and light multi-string inverters up to 125 kVA.

Main Benefits

  • Enables higher input voltages with 40% lower voltage overshoot
  • Chip combination optimized for solar applications
  • Out with bulky passive components, in with compact, light multi-string inverter designs (up to 125 kVA)
  • Enhanced efficiency maximizes ROI
  • Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM drive down manufacturing costs 


  • Three-level Neutral Point Clamped topology
  • Integrated snubber capacitors
  • Latest chip technology from multiple sources
  • Low inductive flow 2 package
  • Available with solder or press-fit pins
  • Optional phase-change material

flowNPC 2 voltage overshoot comparison:

Target Applications

  • UPS
  • Solar

Samples of the new flowNPC 2 featuring integrated snubber capacitors are available through our usual channels.