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Boost your Solar Performance

flowBOOST dual and triple boosters the right choice for 1500 V solar inverters

Making the right design choices is critical to a product’s market success. Vincotech‘s dual and triple boost modules for 1500 V solar inverters offer designers even more options on the path to that success. Featuring a combination of Si and SiC components, Vincotech’s extensive range of symmetric and flying capacitor boosters are optimized for cost and performance. The right engineering decision has never been easier to make.

Available in low inductance flow 1, flow 2 and flow S3 housings and tailored for 1500 V solar inverters, these modules are your first and best choice for the latest generation of high-power solar inverter systems.

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Main benefits

  • Complete family including dual and triple symmetric and flying capacitor topologies
  • Up to 40 kW per leg
  • Optional bypass and auxiliary diodes
  • Available in flow 1, flow 2 and flow S3 housings
  • Solder or Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM to help reduce production cost


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