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Beyond the Standard

New three-phase flowCSPFC S3 SiC – your PFC solution for DC fast Charger

Why to stick on standard topologies and pay more for the same efficiency that you can get for less? The new 1200 V flowCSPFC S3 SiC module featuring current-synthesizing PFC (CS-PFC) topology based on the constant power control, strikes the best balance between performance and system cost to benefit your business.

The first module of this new product family is well suited for a DC fast charger PFC converter stage up to 35kW power, a “sweet spot” for building scalable DC charger units on a modular approach.

Read more about it in our technical paper "3-Phase PFC Topology using Constant Power Control -  How to get Higher Power Density and Cost Savings in Passives"

Main benefits

  • Current-synthesizing PFC slashes module costs by > 25% with conversion efficiencyranging as high as >99%
  • System costs come down with fewer and smaller inductors on the PCB
  • No large electrolytic DC-link capacitors for even more system-level savings
  • Pinout is ready for bidirectional applications and optimized for easy PCB routing
  • High power density for compact designs and fast charging


  • EV fast charger
  • UPS
  • ESS