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Vincotech donates €12,000 to educational initiative

Plan International Germany project goes to boost Malawian girls’ attendance and graduation rates.

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, is carrying on its holiday tradition of donating to a good cause in lieu of sending gifts to customers. The company’s partner in philanthropy, Plan International Germany, is to receive a €12,000 grant from Vincotech on behalf of its workforce and customers. The money will fund a drive to further girls’ education in Malawi.

This Plan International Germany project addresses the educational challenges faced by young people in Malawi, particularly girls in impoverished rural areas. Much of Malawi's population – 70 percent – lives below the poverty line. With traditional role models still holding sway, just 21 percent of girls finish secondary school. Plan International Germany aims to boost attendance and graduation rates by providing scholarships, improving sanitary facilities, and creating a mentoring program to guide and support girls on their way through school.

“Educating underprivileged girls is a catalyst for positive change, individual empowerment, community development, and societal progress. A good education has far-reaching benefits that extend beyond the individual, impacting families, communities, and entire nations,” says Vincotech CEO Eckart Seitter. “By taking part in a project to provide financial assistance, improve schools, and mentor kids, we hope to afford girls in Malawi better opportunities and a brighter future.”

About Plan International Germany

Plan International is an independent organization for development cooperation and humanitarian aid.
The organization believes that girls and boys worldwide must have equal rights and opportunities and be able to actively shape their future. In order to achieve this, Plan International efficiently and transparently carries out sustainable community development projects and reacts rapidly to emergencies and disasters that threaten the lives of children. Plan International works together with children, youths, supporters and partners of all genders to achieve their global aim in more than 75 countries: to transform the lives of millions of girls so that they are able to learn, lead, decide and thrive. The sustainable development goals of the United Nations reinforce their commitment.

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