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Plan International aid project aims to improve the drinking water and sanitation situation

In lieu of Christmas gifts to customers, Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, will again donate to the same worthy cause the company had supported during the year. Plan International, an aid organization that Vincotech has been proud to work with over the years, will put this €12,000 grant to good use in the name of the company and its customers. Earmarked for the ‘Clean Water for Ghana’ project, this funding will help afford people in the country’s Eastern, Central and Volta regions better access to drinking water and sanitary facilities.

Although Ghana’s growing economy is a success story, people in rural areas, especially, have yet to benefit. Just 66 percent of the population has access to drinking water and a scant nine to sanitary facilities.

This infrastructural project aims to improve the water and sanitation situation for around 32,000 people by building and renovating 36 water points in communities, schools and health centers, and installing sanitary facilities for some 12,000 boys and girls at 36 schools. Community training on sanitation and sustainable water management goes to help to make these improvements permanent.  

Eckart Seitter, Senior VP Sales & Marketing at Vincotech, says, “Supporting this kind of project may seem like a drop in a bucket, but lots of droplets make a mighty ocean. We‘re just happy to be helping people in developing countries help themselves with basic infrastructure and skills they can use to improve local living conditions.” 

Best wishes for a peaceful holiday season to all from Vincotech. Read more.