Phase-Change Material 

The benefits of using Loctite® PowerstrateXtremeTM (PSX) phase-change material to enable thermal conductivity between the module and heat sink are considerable. The phase-change material is solid at room temperature. This makes it smear resistant during transportation and module assembly. Our in-house screen-printing process ensures the material’s thickness configured and optimized for maximum heat transfer capability. The phase-change material is released for all flow housings with and w/o baseplate in combination with Al2O3 DCB, but also for MiniSKiiP® with Si3N4 DCB.


    • Solid, non-sticky surface; minimizes contamination risk, prevents layer damage
    • Fast, easy assembly of modules
    • Easier production process; no need for screen printing facilities
    • Automated screen printing for utmost precision and reliability
    • Low thermal resistance with optimized thickness
    • Four times higher thermal conductivity than standard thermal grease


        • Up to 20 % Rth reduction from Tj to heat sink for Al2O3-based modules
        • Up to 30 % Rth reduction from Tj to heat sink for AlN-based high performance modules
        • More output power or longer lifetime
        • Standard solder profile applicable (e.g. J-STD-001, J-STD-003)
        • Compatible with Press-fit pins


          Parameter Value Unit
          Specific gravity 2 g/cm²
          Thermal conductivity 3.4 W/m*K
          Phase change temperature +45 °C
          Viscosity above phase-change temperature Thixotropic

          Protection of thermal interface material 

          ProCap assemply

          ProCap 0 and ProCap 1

          During transport of modules mainly semi-assembled module the thermal paste, could be smudged, scratched or even contaminated by swirled particles /dust. In a wave soldering oven the paste could be contaminated with particles or smeared by the curtain at the oven exit. To protect the thermal interface material from all this, these ProCaps (protection caps) have been developed during and after PCB assembly.

          The ProCaps (short for Protecting Cap) are available for flow 0 and flow 1 type power modules with thermal interface materials (TIM). It can be used for both, thermal grease and phase-change material.


          ProCap Ordering codes:

          ProCap for flow 0 modules - FLOW0-PROCAP-1-L
          ProCap for flow 1 modules - FLOW1-PROCAP-1-L


          ProCap Handling Instruction:

          ProCap - Datasheet + Handling instruction